The Magic of Silence

The REAL acoustic solution for those who

like to be “on the air”

"SILENCE", the raw material that is fundamental for Musicians, Recording, Broadcasting and TV Studios.

If this topic resonates persistently in your mind, it is the moment to tuning the solution.




The material designed for Musicians by Musicians


ACUSTEC® is a specially designed covering for environments where the acoustic balance is fundamental:

Music Room - Recording Studios - Media y Audio Room – Home Theatre – etc.


ACUSTEC® It is a specially crafted absorption product, resulting from an advanced technology, with TRUE anechoic wedges that enhances the field of absorption of the sound waves

It is also the most effective method to reduce noise, echo and stationary waves.



ACUSTEC® makes available material with several thickness and offers the appropriate options of absorption

for various ranges of frequency.

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ACUSTEC® is manufactured with open cell polyurethane foam self-extinguishable (New Millennium formulates).

Light, easy and quick to install, no special tools are required.

And the price is like music to your ears.

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