Technical Acoustics by ACUSTEC, Inc.


ACUSTEC Inc. The Magic of Silence

Creates, designs and implements total solutions for acoustics and noise management. Our acoustical designs are the result of a comprehensive investigation of each project through an extensive interaction with our customers, the results are, a total solution based in acoustical engineering coupled with business principles to achieve a cost-benefit result.


ACUSTEC, Inc. US is the leader in a Strategic International Alliance ACUSTEC Its International Headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the ACUSTEC products are manufactured.


There are other products that follow the leadership of ACUSTEC acoustical panels, such as Vibration Management devises for use with medium and heavy equipment, specially engineered cabins to reduce noise pollution, etc.


ACUSTEC, Inc. have been appointed the global Marketing arm of its Global Headquarters in Argentina, and are responsible for the Global Dealership activity.


The presence of our products covers and extensive landscape, and are represented in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico.



Our Strategic alliances include Universities and other international entities. As a contribution to the social well being ACUSTEC coordinates and supports special groups dedicated to Research, Development and Experimentation related to the acoustic field. In Colombia ACUSTEC has been instrumental in association with the "Comite Tecnico 001 Acustica" " Technical Committee 001 in acoustic research" related to the Colombian Institute of Technical Norms and Quality "INCOTEC" in the development of guidelines applicable to noise and vibrations. The same initiative exists in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Mexico.



In a nut shell, we now offer to the Global Village a diversified group of specialized professionals seasoned in the national and international arena, ready to undertake any project where engineering and business strategies require the highest caliber of commitment.


Today the Global Market will experience The Magic of Silence through ACUSTEC products and Services.